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Garage Door And Opener is a well-known local company that specializes in all aspects of garage door system installation, malfunction, maintenance, and repair. We are not afraid to boast that we have the most expert and qualified technicians available to service our clients in the Minneapolis area. These professionals are ready to assist you with any kind of garage door emergency that is adversely affecting your home or business at any time of the day or night and throughout the year. Our company never takes a day off. If you are looking for a new or replacement garage door, we have an inventory of the latest and best models to choose from. We also carry a broad stock of the highest quality garage components that are priced very competitively. When you select us for any garage door system need, you are choosing a top name in the field. The combined expertise of our technical team and representatives is always available to you.

Ready When Needed

Garage Door And Opener Minneapolis, MN 612-430-6642Garage Door And Opener is waiting for your emergency call. If your garage door is malfunctioning, we know how important it is to get the problem fixed pronto. Typical emergency problems include lost or broken keys, a broken door lock, or a jammed garage door. We will maneuver your garage door back on its track in no time, make you a replacement key, or replace your broken lock. Some malfunctions are more serious, but no matter how challenging the problem or when the problem arises, a member of our team will be dispatched to your residential or business premises immediately upon receiving your service call. We maintain a fleet of mobile vehicles that are fully equipped with all the tools and equipment necessary to resolve your dilemma. If you are in our locality, we can usually be at your home or business in an hour or less.

Garage Door And Opener will not make you wait while we order a vital part that is needed to get your garage door system working again. We hold a large stock of garage door components that is constantly replenished by our comprehensive network of major industry suppliers. This broad array of parts includes cables, springs, door struts, mounting and pulley brackets, remotes, receivers, monitors, and specialized components for different types and brands of garage doors. What this means is that we can cope with any kind of emergency repair and get your problem fixed quickly and efficiently.

Our Services

Garage Door And Opener is the ultimate source for any garage door system and related product or service you may need. To the layman, the complexities of a garage door system are not apparent. Because a garage door system is far from simple, it is more than likely that a system component will eventually cause a problem. You can rely on Garage Door And Opener for the highest levels of maintenance and upgrades that are required to ensure your system maintains an optimum performance.

Garage Door And Opener also specializes in the provision and maintenance of a variety of devices designed to make opening your garage door quick and convenient. These include keypads, clickers, push-button openers, and motion detectors. In fact, we carry a very wide range of such opening devices to enable you to upgrade your system. You still want to be able to open your garage door during a power outage, so obtain a battery-operated backup system from us. The bottom line is that whatever you need with respect to your garage opening system, we have the resources to supply it.

The Professional Touch

Garage Door And Opener prides itself on its professionalism. In the Minneapolis area you can find several businesses that are involved in the repair of garage door systems. Be warned that some of these companies try to cut costs by employing workers with insufficient qualifications and with very little appropriate training. Keep away from these businesses and rely on us. Garage Door And Opener is the best and never employs unqualified or badly trained technicians. Each member of our team has to meet Garage Door And Opener’s very high standards in order to work for us. We make certain that every one of our technicians is professionally qualified and experienced. What you need to remember is that Garage Door And Opener’s reputation is what our success depends on. This high status is carried on the shoulders of our technicians which is why we expect only the highest level of performance from them. Our reputation for the best local service will not let you down.

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